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I'm Taylor!  I am a photographer, video artist, and writer that currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. I specialize in documentary-style work but also work as a wedding videographer, video editor, music video director, and comedy writer. I received my Master's in Communication with a concentration in Media Arts and Studies, and my academic and research areas of interest include framing, media effects, news media, feminist media theory, and transportation. 

I received my Bachelor's in Nonfiction Media Studies and Digital Media Production from The Evergreen State College in 2015. My senior capstone project, Deja, was an interactive multimedia installation that used various production techniques to explore the subjective experience of memories and altered states of consciousness.
As a visual artist, I have strong compulsions to document things going on around me, and have been deeply enjoying opportunities that allow me to embody my participatory-observation style of photo and video work. I feel like I was born to have a camera in my hand at your party so that I can show you how much fun we all had, and now you can hang onto that forever.

In my free time I do stand up comedy and sit in child's pose.
I'm currently available for commissions for weddings, tour photography, and other photo or video projects. Please feel free to reach out!

Contact Me


Email :

Instagram: dreamsicle.films



Master of Arts

Communication with a concentration in Media Arts & Studies

Wayne State University​​

Detroit, Michigan

May 2019

Bachelor of Arts

Interdisciplinary Studies & Digital Media Production

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, Washington

June 2015

​​Professional Experience


Technical Directing (live TV)

Camera Operation

Video Editing

Art Department

Lighting Design


Creative Writing

Audio Engineering

Live Sound Mixing

B&W Darkroom Tech

Social Media & Outreach


University Instruction in 
Photography & Video 

Past projects & Features

Olympia Women's Comedy Open Mic - 2016

olympia womens comedy open mic flyer
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